Cotton Processing

What’s the process of making cotton products? Our finished products go through an extensive purification process at our cotton processing plant before they ever end up in the hands of consumers.

Mechanical Cleaning

The first step in our process is to run it through a processing machine. It opens the dense tufts of fiber from the ginned cotton bundles. The opened fiber is fed into a series of highly advanced cleaning technologies. Cotton is wet out and packed into large cakes with a hole in the middle.


During cotton processing, a solution containing sodium hydroxide is pumped into the kier for scouring of cotton. After a predetermined length of time at elevated temperature and pressure to allow for a complete scouring, the saponified waxes and suspended materials are rinsed away with fresh water. After scouring, the cotton fiber is absorbent and any small amounts of plant matter that remained are softened.


The hydrogen peroxide whitens the fibers by oxidizing the coloring matter. Since the scouring process softened the remaining plant matter, the purifying agent can penetrate the plant matter more effectively, and make it white as well.

The purifying solution is pumped through the cakes for a predetermined time at an elevated temperature to allow for the elimination of all color bodies. Next, the purifying solution is rinsed away with freshwater and the tank is drained.

Fiber Finishing

Many types of fiber finishes can be applied depending on the application need. These finish solutions are pumped through the cakes, which allows the desired level of finish to be applied to the cotton fibers. Once that desired level is reached, the finish solution is drained.

Opening and Drying

In this last step, the wet cakes are re-opened into tufts of fiber, and the fiber is dried to specific moisture levels that have been predetermined by customer specifications.

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